Pop over to Miri's blog for the best French Toast recipe around, and then fill it with the following goodness.

1. You'll want to marinate your tempeh in generous splashes of Soy Sauce, and BBQ Sauce, and just a dash of Liquid Smoke.

2. Wash your Spinach and set aside. It'll wait for you. Spinach is loyal like that.

3. Make the best French Toast ever as per Miri's recipe. The recipe makes enough for 1-2 sandwiches, so plan accordingly. (Note: If you'd like to omit the protein powder, simply substitute it for the same amount of chickpea flour (also called besan flour) plus 1 tsp Maple Syrup.

4. Drain your tempeh and fry off for a few minutes in the same pan that you used for the French Toast

5. Layer one side of your French Toast with Mozzarella, Tempeh, Spinach, and a smear of Fig Jam.

6. Top it with another piece of French Toast and grill your sandwich over medium heat in a non-stick pan.

7. Once the inside is melty, remove from pan and serve hot. Enjoy.