Become a world leader in exceptional plant-based dairy by making ethical and delicious products. Not just because it’s exciting, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Together we’re saving water, increasing animal welfare, and lowering our collective carbon footprint. With our new plastic free and fully compostable packaging on the way, we’re on track to reduce plastic build up in our ocean and landfills.

We have the opportunity to step up and transform a problematic industry into something more sustainable, and we’re ready to roll!  

Like most people, we love animals. When you think about it, cows are much like dogs. They enjoy playing, have closely bonded families, and they adore cuddles. That's something to consider when considering dairy. We make cheese from plants, because it's better for everyone, including the environment. Making realistic, delicious cheese is really important to us, because we should all have the opportunity to make positive change without compromising on great taste!

With Hello Friend, everyone can come to the table and feel good about what they're eating.
Cheese that's ethical, honest, and delicious. That’s a win for us all.

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