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we’re Hello Friend Foods.

They say that the best ideas are the ones that solve problems.

In December of 2015, our co-founder Bree Gaudette had just such a problem. Among the few available vegan cheeses, she couldn't find anything that tasted like the dairy based cheese she remembered eating whilst growing up. So, where were all the great vegan cheeses? That question led Bree right back into her own kitchen.

With no formal training (just a lot of heart), she gave it a go.

Soon, Matthew Ronalds jumped on board, and provided the analytical left brain to Bree's creative right brain. Bree tackled the copy and social content for their products, and Matthew worked out how to make it all into a viable business. After countless experiments (and learning their way around a commercial kitchen) Hello Friend Foods was born. A company whose mission is to create delicious and high quality alternatives to traditionally animal based foods.

Bree and Matthew tested the waters by releasing their Fresh Mozzarella to the receptive Melbourne vegan community. The word spread, and it was good. Heartened, they went back into the kitchen and came out with Australia’s first vegan Haloumi, which launched in April 2018. After that came a Brie In Puff Pastry, Havarti, and Cheese Sauce.

Since then they’ve been supplying vegans and non-vegans alike with their hand made cheeses.
Inclusivity is essential to sharing and learning, so whatever your eating habits, you’re welcome at Hello Friend Foods.

Feel free to reach out and say hello, they’d love to hear from you. x

Bree Gaudette

Recipe Creation, Social Media Management, Content

Matthew Ronalds

Recipe Creation, Finances, Excel Wizardry

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